Agenda 21 and the Progressive Movement

Agenda 21 hasn’t gone away.

Those who have paid attention are aware that Agenda 21 deals with property rights, although the term ‘private property’ is never used. Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan to maintain and manage land on planet earth. The plan includes “natural resources: the soils, minerals, water and biota that the land comprises.” It is by no means a local plan. It is not a state plan nor even a federal plan. Agenda 21 is a global plan.

Land resources are used for a variety of purposes which interact and may compete with one another; therefore, it is desirable to plan and manage all uses in an integrated manner.

Personally, I see no way for private ownership of land to continue to have any kind of real meaning under Agenda 21.

Glenn Beck’s description includes this paragraph:

Agenda 21 is a two-decade old, grand plan for global ’Sustainable Development,’ brought to you from the United Nations. George H.W. Bush (and 177 other world leaders) agreed to it back in 1992, and in 1995, Bill Clinton signed Executive Order #12858, creating a Presidential Council on ‘Sustainable Development.’ This effectively pushed the UN plan into America’s large, churning government machine without the need for any review or discussion by Congress or the American people.

For information on how this has worked in Buhler, Kansas go to Kansas Town Flirts With Progress and Loses Traditional Values. America, we need to understand what progressivism and Agenda 21 are all about.

Kansas residents are becoming aware of the threat of the progressive movement and Agenda 21 as shown here: Kansas Lawmakers Seek Resolution Against “Insidious” UN Agenda 21 – ALIPAC

If you vote for liberals or progressives, who almost always run on the Democrat ticket, you are promoting Agenda 21 simply by voting for progressive politicians.

About jlue

I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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21 Responses to Agenda 21 and the Progressive Movement

  1. Dave Nielson says:

    Well Jlue for quite some time I doubted you would become enlightened to what is Progressing in the good old USA. Last fall durring the alledged debate by neo-con republicans I attempted to turn you on to the only true patriot on the stage, Ron Paul. You attacked Ron Paul as a rasist when nothing could have been further from the truth. The Progressives that run the Repblican and Democrate parties used fraud and lies to take Dr. Paul out of the election. I know Alex Jones on and is a tad harsh but he was warning about UN Agenda 21 way back in the 90’s. Dr. Paul is credited as being the father of the TEA party which attempted to get us on the right track but which was also distroyed by neo-con republicans and democrates. Once you good honest conservatives realize both parties have been hyjacked we will possibly get back on track, but the New World Order people are way ahead of the curve. Thanks for all the info on Agenda 21 and keep up the hard fight. You need to get behind the Cessation and Nulification movements which is strictly the States taking back their powers as outlined by the Constitution. Even Glen Beck has been hoodwinked on the goals. The best to you always

    • jlue says:

      Hi Dave, I remember talking with you, but I do not remember attacking Ron Paul as a racist. I don’t think he is a racist. I just never felt he could win the election. I would have voted for him had he gotten the nomination. I would have voted for just about anyone other than Obama. I do not believe Obama won, I think he stole the election. I think there are progressives in the Republican party, but I think they OWN the Democrat party.

      I am very concerned about our country. Obama has switched from taxing the 1%. Now he is “campaigning” to get the ignorant masses to support him and raise taxes on the top 2% of our working population. It is insanity! If the people who understand what is happening do not unite, our children will never know what it means to live in a free market republic.

    • jlue says:

      Dave, I went back and searched to see what I had written about Ron Paul that seemed like an attack to you.

      Ron Paul, Newsletters From the Past

      Maybe I over-reacted, but him not taking responsibility for letters that went out in his name seemed to be the biggest problem in my mind at the time.

      BTW, how do you feel about Rand Paul? I am favorably impressed with him.

      • Dave Nielson says:

        The problem with Ron Paul was that the people that are selecting who runs in the two parties did not want a strict Constitutional man in the Whitehouse. You need only look at who backed both Romney and Obama to see that we the people no longer have a choice. I also like Rand but worry that he is being co-opted by those same powers and trying to move to the liberal side to apease that part of the Republican party. Republicans have taken it on the chin because they insist on running liberal candidates. Ron paul would have easily defeated Obama as he had a tremendous youth following, a huge share of military people, all the anti war people, all those that are concerned with our loss of freedoms and of course all those that would have voted against Obama. I can not tell you how many people I have talked to that would have voted for him and either did not vote for any on the presidential ticket or voted someone else. I have been doing some research on the illuminati and all Christians should be concerned with their political goals. I think one of Pauls statements that you took issue with was his stance that the Civil war could have been avoided with more negociation thereby saving the lives of thousands. It wiped out more than any war we have been in. He takes the same stance in our present situation. Good talking to you I am sure we agree on many things.

      • jlue says:

        We do agree on many things and you may be right on more than I. Perhaps I should have given Ron Paul’s statement more thought, but once the southern states seceded, did Lincoln really have a choice if the Union was to be saved. Now I wish states could secede.

        One thing we disagree on is not voting against Obama if our choice for the Republican nominee did not make it. I think Obama is the most dangerous and destructive president of our time and possibly in the history of this nation. He seems determined to destroy the rule of law and the free market system. I thought we needed to get him out of the White House!!! I really thought Romney would win in a landslide victory. My mind cannot wrap itself around a reason why anyone would want Barack Obama to be president. I heard a black preacher call in to a radio talk show this week. He claimed that he is against abortion and against gay marriage. He claimed to have conservative values. He said he, however, voted for Obama. How does that make any sense unless he believes Obama has something to give him? Obama has nothing to give unless he takes it from someone else. What kind of person wants to live in a system where there are no values upheld? Nothing is sacred! Neither property nor life is considered sacred, but he votes for the person anyway!?! What kind of thinking is this?

      • Dave Nielson says:

        Yes I agree on your Obama take, disagree that Romney was change from Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama policies. I would chalenge you to come up with any major differences in Obama or Romney’s policies. As one who has voted every year since the 60’s for republicans thinking I was voting against socialism only to see the march to that system continue no matter which party was in. I now realize that those of us that love freedom have wasted our vote not the other way around. I will continue to support the Libertarians from on out, they and the Constitutional party are the only ones that will return us to a Republic. George Washington warned against a two party system as he knew it would be co-opted.

      • jlue says:

        Obama has studied Marxism and I think he believes in that philosophy. I do not think Romney is a Marxists. Obama is also entrenched in Black Liberation Theology. Romney doesn’t. This is what Jeremiah Wright preached for twenty years. The problem that I see with this theology is that rather than taking the position that Jesus cares for the poor and we should do so as well, the Black Liberation group thinks it should be done through government rather than the church and individuals. Obama is a mixture of Marxism, Anti-Colonialism, and Black Theology. His goals for this country have nothing to do with improving the economy. Truthfully, I think he hates most Americans.

      • Dave Nielson says:

        Yes the goal may well be that form of government for us but an even greater danger is being put in place and that is “The New World Order” that has been pushed by Republicans and Democrates alike. You can go way back to the Roosevelts and Wilson right up to Nixon, the Bushs, the Clintons and the Obama’s and they all push it. That is what UN agenda 21 is all about with the UN having world control with a central bank controling all currency. It ends our soveriegnty and makes us a part of the world community. Romney is a New World Order patron and would continue that agenda. Please do your own investigations and while you are at it look into the Fabian Society and their goals. The evil we are witnessing is being brought about by the Illuminati and they have infiltrated nearly all of our society. It is impairitive that we take back our republic. Saying that, it is well know that all emails are monitored and put into individual files to be brought up later when we are under a police state. Anyone who is anti big government, against abortion, for the constitution and bill of rights will be considered a potencial terorist. We are right behind returning vets on Janet Napoliano’s list as the biggest threats facing homeland security. Two documentaries that can be watched on You Tube are “9/11 loose change and “The Obama Connection”. The more people we can wake up to the coming danger the better but time is of essence. I could document a ton of what I have brought up but it would take a book and is more believable when found out on your own.

      • jlue says:

        It is scary, isn’t it? What seems to be happening is that everything is lining up for Biblical prophecy to be fulfilled. I know that it is scary, but the Bible tells us that God will never leave or forsake His own. I get a little confused because my human nature wants to fight against what is happening around me, but perhaps we are not supposed to fight against this. Are you a Christian?

      • Dave Nielson says:

        I answered your comment on my phone and it does not always send so will retry. Since no human knows when time began or what is on the other side of the last galaxcy it behooves us to believe in a supreme being. As to the existence of Christ I would have to say it is very likely he was sent to earth. My belief in Christ varies a bit from common Christianity in that when Chist said “I am the way to everlasting life” he meant that we should imitate his ways not that a belief in him was the only avenue. If a God is over the entire universe then it is very likely there is life elsewhere and if so that life would be doomed to hell as they would not have had access to Christ. Also millions around the would would not and have not heard of Christ. I can not believe a God would subject them to purgatory also. I do believe in an evil force also and they are present in todays society known as the illuminati. Fritz Springmeier and David Icke are two excellent sources on the families involved, they can be Googled. Hope this answers your comment and yes it is scary but we must fight it peacefully.

      • jlue says:

        Your answer shows that you have given the matter some thought. You probably know, if you have read even a small part of what I have written, that I believe the Bible is literally true and the inerrant word of God. I hope that you do not think, as many do, that those who believe this are ignorant, shallow folks who haven’t thought deeply about the issues of life & death, space, time, & eternity. That isn’t always, and I don’t think even usually, the case. I believe that God is just and that the matter of eternal destiny of mankind will show His justice and mercy. I think this is a part of accepting Him by faith that He can be trusted to deal justly with His creation. In my own life, I do not remember a time when I did not “believe” in Christ, but there was a day as a teenager when I was reading from the book of the gospel of John and I read, “You must be born again.”Those words really spoke to me and it was as if I were being spoken to be the Lord, Himself. I had always believed that I needed to be good and I needed to imitate Jesus as much as possible, but that day I knew I wasn’t correct about that. I needed something more. I made a very simple step of faith in that I said to the Lord, “I don’t completely understand this, but I believe.” That small step changed the course of my life. I began to understand things I had not understood before. Later,I recommitted my life to Christ and He has made all the difference. I have had to deal with many issues and some things that have been hard to understand and I have had struggles, but there has always been a calming Presence that has helped me arrive at a truth that brought peace.

        I have heard about and read some about the Illuminati. Thanks for the names. Those were new to me. I will do more research. I just completed the book of Revelation and I believe that we are definitely living in the last days.

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