WikiLeaks – Why did this happen?

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Suddenly the media is all abuzz with news about Wikileaks. This is being called ‘unprecedented’ with statements such as the following coming out:

The disclosure of the cables is sending shudders through the diplomatic establishment, and could strain relations with some countries, influencing international affairs in ways that are impossible to predict.

What puzzled me most was the fact that our government began going global telling diplomats and heads of states what they will be learning in advance of the leaks!?! As it turns out, much that was leaked wasn’t all that new or surprising. Most had been reported either as news or speculation prior to the leaks.

Still, how could a security leak happen in a country with security as tight as it has been under the Obama administration?

There can only be one of two explanations. Either the Obama administration is even more incompetent than anyone has realized or this ‘leak’ isn’t accidental, probably isn’t a leak at all and has some sort of major purpose.

I believe the latter of the two possible explanations.

So we must come up with a reason for the security breach.

My thinking was simple-minded. Those who want to control what is allowed on the internet and media may look at this as a catalyst for getting that ball rolling.

Glenn Beck has a much more complicated explanation. He is probably right. He certainly has the footage to back up his reasoning. The transcript will soon be on Fox, but hasn’t been posted yet. Whether Beck is right or whether he isn’t, we should remember that chaos will lead only to loss of freedom. It never brings about the end result that we desire.


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