The Dreyfuss Initiative – Board of Director Timothy Erday

Timothy J. Erday –

On the Board of Directors for the Dreyfuss Initiative, a movement to get civics back into public schools, is Timothy Erday. His billing on the web-site begins:

Timothy J. Erday is the Managing Director of Erday & Company, a wealth management firm headquartered in Summit, NJ.  His practice focuses on helping to coordinate and simplify the financial affairs of private families and their businesses as well as working with charities and endowments in an effort to help improve their community impact.  This includes implementing strategies focused on cash management, asset and risk management, estate planning, philanthropic planning amongst others…

There isn’t much on the web about Mr. Erday other than his profession. He manages other people’s money. He lives in NJ and I saw one connection to Washington.

He has served on “the executive committee of the Wealth Advisory Institute, a Washington, DC based non‐profit organization dedicated to continuous improvement of the professional standards in the financial services industry.”

To learn anything more about Erday will require research off the web as there isn’t a great deal of information posted.

I am always a skeptic when a liberal, such as Dreyfuss, wants to teach children civics; therefore, I would suggest that the non-profit work be examined and that parents determine how each board member suggest students improve communities and become better citizens.

The looming question in my mind is this:

Does Timothy Erday support private initiatives or does he support higher taxes and forced community service with government intervention into the private sector?

Since Mr. Erday is a businessman, it is possible that he is a very good choice as a board member, but no answer isn’t easily determined at this time.


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