The Dreyfuss Initiative – Board Member, Richard Dreyfuss

Some have indicated to me that they are not clear about The Dreyfuss Initiative.

Simply stated it is an effort to keep Civics taught in public schools. The website states it this way:

The Initiative is to create a demand for a more expert learning experience and to give our kids the splendid pleasure of learning what power they have.

Dreyfuss, who is also a board member, says it is:

To teach our kids how to run our country with common sense and realism, before it’s time for them to run the country. If we don’t, someone else will run this country nation and the experiment of government by, for, and of the people will have failed.

Dreyfuss has gone on Fox News, the Huckabee Show, and Bill Maher, to name a few places, explaining what he believes about teaching Civics and about being an American citizen.

One method that Dreyfuss has suggested employing in public schools is the use of linking through technology schools across the nation and having a variety of authors and ideas explored.

Dreyfuss is known for his very liberal ideology, but this initiative seems to transcend political ideology.  Still, I am spending time on this blog looking at the board of directors and attempting to learn how this has been implemented since its conception in 2003. As with any public education program I urge parents and teachers to become involved. Know who is teaching your child and what they are being taught. Spend time with enrichment at home. Every child should receive some home schooling, even those who attend public schools.



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