USA Still in Big Trouble or True State of the Union

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Your tongue devises destruction, like a sharp razor, working deceitfully.  Proverbs 17:20

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We are still in trouble. Although the 2010 election gave some of us hope that Americans have awakened to the fact that Obama’s leftist policies of over-spending and government encroachment are destroying this country, the reaction of many to his State of the Union Speech reveals that there is still a big gap between understanding what it is going to take to correct the problem and the electorate.

Because he is a good orator too many Americans believe this qualifies him for the job he holds when in reality the two have nothing in common. Given a good speech writer, a good orator will do well. Does that mean the person has the right ideas or ideals or that he or she should be entrusted with a leadership position? Remember Hitler?

I am not comparing Obama with Hitler, other than to say Hitler also could speak well and mesmerize a crowd. Being a good orator does not mean a person is qualified or right for a position of leadership.

Obama has proven what kind of leader he ‘isn’t’. He has proven what he thinks of America and what his vision for the country ‘is’. Nothing has changed except the members of Congress and the realization by the administration that some Americans have awakened.

The current debate in Congress centers on whether or not the debt ceiling should be raised immediately or whether there is time enough to pay those creditors most needing to be paid and cut spending before time runs out:

As of January 25, total public U.S. debt stood at $14.015 trillion, $279 billion below the limit.

The Treasury has estimated that based on recent spending and revenue trends, the government will hit the limit as early as March 31. This could stretch out until May 16, depending on the strength of government tax receipts and economic growth. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has asked Congress to raise the limit before the end of March so the government can meet previous spending commitments.


The government would have to stop issuing debt to fund its day-to-day operations. If it does not have sufficient cash on hand from other sources, such as tax receipts, it would have to curtail some activities, including closing government offices.

The government may have to halt payments of federal benefits, such as Social Security or Medicare, or default by halting interest payments on Treasury debt. It paid $148.2 billion in interest to bondholders from October through December 2010.

This is the true state of the union, but this isn’t what we heard about in the speech the other night. If President Obama had told us the true state of our union, nobody would be happy about what they heard, but those who understand the problem may have felt some relief knowing that our president at least now understands and plans to address the situation.


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  1. Paolo says:

    Thank you. I think we are in much more trouble than the rosy optimist is telling us.


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