Obama Administration Official speaks anonymously on Islam threat

The Obama administration is preparing for the possibility of Islamic governments taking hold in North Africa and the Middle East according to the Washington Post.

“We shouldn’t be afraid of Islam in the politics of these countries,” said a senior administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe internal policy deliberations. “It’s the behavior of political parties and governments that we will judge them on, not their relationship with Islam.”

It is interesting that the administration official will not identify himself if he feels that we have nothing to fear. Certainly we should judge governments on behavior, but we must also be realistic, and the prospect of Islamic governments replacing those that have currently existed is not a comforting thought for Americans or Israelis.

There is discussion in the Obama administration as to how the Muslim Brotherhood will differ from al-Qaida and should not be considered as the same threat. I am not convinced.

It disturbs me that we have a senior official in the Obama administration speaking out on this subject who will not identify himself.


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