Christians Arrested in Dearborn, MI

Four Christians were arrested in Dearborn, MI for handing out pamphlets. Below is how it is being reported and a video of what actually happened.

R.E.A.L. Responsible for Equality and Liberty:

The Associated Press is reporting that four Christian activists were arrested during distribution of pamphlets outside of an Arab festival in Dearborn.  The police stated that the individuals were charged with disorderly conduct.  The four are free on bond.

Here is what actually happened:



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4 Responses to Christians Arrested in Dearborn, MI

  1. Paolosilv says:

    It’s a mainly Muslim Arab community. I almost went there once while visiting Michigan, but I changed my mind. It was once the center of Henry Ford’s operations.


  2. jlue says:

    Google “Dearborn, Michigan – Images” and it tells the story.


  3. Shanna says:

    Shame America, Shame …you were created on the Christian principles and NOW you are doing this TO CHRISTIANS ..?? arresting OUR DEAR BROTHERS..??Shame ..the muslims are the ones who are against you and Now YOU are doing this to our christians?? Send those MUSLIM police away.. all the tax dollars are getting wasted on the police, what do they think, is this America?? arresting christians in for nothing??


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