Unions Attempt to Use Civil Rights Movement

Richard Trumka has a ‘bill of goods’ for sale. Are you going to buy?

Byron York brought this to my attention with his editorial in the Washington Examiner.

Please take time to read the article which says among other things:

AFL-CIO is planning a series of nationwide events on April 4, the 43rd anniversary of the day the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated after speaking in Memphis, Tenn., on behalf of striking black garbage collectors. The message: King’s cause, and that of angry schoolteachers in Madison, are one.

Many people are not buying this and I am one of them. Consider the following:

“It is delusion, bordering on abomination, to try to equate what Martin Luther King was doing in Memphis to public workers getting Cadillac benefits for which they contribute very little, or nothing, at taxpayers’ expense,” says Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights who has also served on the National Labor Relations Board. “The sanitation workers in Memphis were receiving wages that were so significantly below that which are enjoyed by middle-class teachers in Madison that to try to draw that comparison is offensive. Truly offensive.”

Having lived through not only the civil rights movement, but also segregation in the deep south I can attest to the fact that making such a comparison is an outrage and an insult to all black Americans.

Not only is Richard Trumka insulting those who fought so hard for equal rights, he is attempting to use the Christian church, Christians, and Dr. King’s memory to promote his union cause:

The AFL-CIO is advising member unions to come up with activities to stress ties between big labor and the civil rights movement. AFL-CIO planners suggest that local labor leaders team up with churches to make workers’ rights a theme at worship services. Union bosses also advise asking churches “to consider organizing candlelight vigils, which could include the reading of Dr. King’s ‘I’ve Been To The Mountaintop’ speech,” which King delivered the night before he was killed.

Personally, I think this shows how desperate Trumka and the unions are to hold on to power and union dues.


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