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Birth Certificate issue is just silly…

Barack Obama thinks the media should focus on national security, not his birthplace. Actually, so do I. Why isn’t the media asking more questions about what is going on in Libya and is it constitutional for us to be there? … Continue reading

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My Very Own Conspiracy Theory Concerning, Dreams From My Father

Maybe Barack Obama released THE birth certificate to cover the fact that Bill Ayers did write his book: During an interview aired Friday night on Sean Hannity’s TV show, Donald Trump branched out beyond his simple commitment to birtherism as … Continue reading

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Fair Tax vs Flat Tax vs IRS

There are currently two proposals for changing the US tax system that have gained popularity with the people, the Fair Tax and the Flat Tax. Here is a brief look at each. The Fair Tax The FairTax taxes us only … Continue reading

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In case you were listening…

Is this story newsworthy. What do you think?

Obama did attend a Christian church and hosted the traditional Easter egg hunt at the White House. Continue reading

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The Case for Freedom and Human Rights

Without a public who accepts responsibility for working for what they have, there can be no America as we have known it, no freedom from tyranny, and no guarantee of human rights.

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Celebrating the Resurrection

Woody Wilson has written a selection asking, “What day changed your life?” Have you thought about the answer to that question? Is there a day that changed your life forever? For my sister and her husband, their wonderful daughter Carlene’s … Continue reading

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Tennessee’s SB 893 –

Will SB893 teach critical thinking skills or prevent students from learning? Continue reading

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