Who is Samantha Powers & Is She A Possibility for next Secretary of State

Samantha Power reading at Stacy's

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An Irish newspaper called the Irish Central made the suggestion that Samantha Powers is being suggested as the next Secretary of State. A part of their reasoning was:

The Times reported that on Monday night last, Samantha Power took to the podium at Columbia University in New York two hours before President Obama was due to address the nation on Libya and received a rock star reception.

The report is well written and suggest that Obama, due partly to the influence of Samantha Powers, is responsible for the Libyan uprising.

But who is Samantha Powers and would Americans want her in such a high-ranking position?

She is the woman who called Hillary Clinton a “monster” while working to get Barack Hussein Obama elected as president. She is married to Cass Sunstein, the author of the book,  Nudge, wherein he suggest that people, much like Ed Harris in The Truman Show, must be nudged to make correct decisions.

Samantha Powers was an advocate for the War on Libya suggesting that we should go into the country for “humanitarian” reasons.

An interview recorded at New Statesman is helpful in learning who Samantha Powers is.

Glenn Beck did a most interesting show on “If It Doesn’t Make Sense”. If you want a different and interesting perspective, watch the video at the link provided. It takes time, but you have to watch the entire show to understand the message and to hear what Powers actually has said about the nation of Israel. Only then will you fully understand who Samantha Powers is.


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