Why is Beck’s TV show being dropped?

George Soros is a very influential person due to his wealth and the number of organizations in which he heavily invests. Among these organizations are Open Society Institute, Democracy Alliance, Moveon.org, Tides Foundation,  Human Rights Watch, the Center for American Progress, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the New Democrat Network (NDN) and Media Matters. (Wow, great sounding titles!)

Glenn Beck has actively worked to expose George Soros, his political philosophy and what he is doing globally. Hardly a day passes when Beck doesn’t point out something that Soros is engaged in or backing financially – things that Soros would probably rather you and I not know. Glenn calls Soros a “spooky dude” and the “puppet-master” behind shadow governments.

Soros, on the other hand has accused Rupert Murdoch of being that person.

Does the fact that Soros is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and Beck isn’t, have anything to do with Beck going off the five o’clock time slot at Fox News?

Does the fact that Media Matters has declared war on Fox News have anything to do with Beck’s leaving the show?

This is extremely interesting to me. Certainly we have to listen carefully to what both sides are saying, look at what is happening at home and abroad, and pay attention to what the organizations mentioned above are doing. I have my suspicions, but there is no way to know.

Let us hope that Fox isn’t caving. Imagine not having a conservative voice. Imagine not having any media other than state controlled media.


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  1. Paolosilv says:

    Thanks, this is an interesting post. It’s hard to claim that Beck is anti-semitic, because Rupert Murdoch is purportedly Jewish. Soros has had to defend himself from allegations about the Second World War, when he was a teen in Hungary. However, Soros does in fact fund democratic movements in Europe; is he being unfairly scapegoated?


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