Bill O’Reilly Gets It

Glenn Beck may be leaving, however, his message has been realized and perhaps those who were not willing to listen before and who thought he was ‘nuts’ are beginning to get it.

At least one person important person has finally agreed. Bill O’Reilly watched what was happening in Washington D.C. on the budget battle, listened to George Soros, and figured out what has been going on with this ridiculous spending spree.

If you listen carefully to what Bill says, however, you will see that while Americans support getting the budget in line, most still do not understand what has been going on in Washington, because more Americans think Barack Obama is responsible for the budget cuts than think the newly elected Republicans pulled it off.

If people do not understand something that simple, how will the majority understand what those on the far left are doing when they deliberately overload the economy and bring about a crises that destabilizes our government.

Actually, we still don’t have a real budget and I think the whole show last week was to get our focus on the one week budget so Americans won’t be looking too closely at what happens for the long haul. Americans tire easily.

Regardless, it is comforting to hear O’Reilly say what so many of us have come to understand.


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