Celebrating the Resurrection

Woody Wilson has written a selection asking, “What day changed your life?” Have you thought about the answer to that question? Is there a day that changed your life forever?

For my sister and her husband, their wonderful daughter Carlene’s life was changed forever by the simple act of putting on a pair of pajamas. One misstep resulted in paralysis that eventually took her life. Joni Eareckson Tada’s life was changed forever by diving off the side of a boat. Most of us do not have dramatic stories such as these, but may have had a life changing experience nevertheless.

My life changed one day while I was reading from the book of John and the words I had read many times before suddenly jumped off the page. The words were, “You must be born again.” Nothing could have been more real to me at that moment than those words. It was as if Jesus spoke not to Nicodemus, but to me and one thing I knew, I had not had this experience. I knew ‘being good enough’ wasn’t the way to live. I needed to be born again. Choosing to believe God was a life changing experience for me.

Today is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After a cruel and unjust crucifixion, his followers find that not only is His tomb empty, He appears to them in bodily form.

The Resurrection was the event that changed the world, as Woody Wilson wrote in his post.

The disciples were never the same after that first day of the week when they discovered the empty tomb. The disciples who were walking to Emmaus when suddenly the resurrected Lord was with them, were never the same. The land where Jesus walked has never been the same. The world has not been the same since Jesus arose from the grave.

May God bless you and yours this Easter Sunday.

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