My Very Own Conspiracy Theory Concerning, Dreams From My Father

Maybe Barack Obama released THE birth certificate to cover the fact that Bill Ayers did write his book:

During an interview aired Friday night on Sean Hannity’s TV show, Donald Trump branched out beyond his simple commitment to birtherism as a political issue — and also advocated vigorously for another conspiracy theory regarding President Obama, alleging that Bill Ayers was the true author of Obama’s 1995 book, Dreams From My Father!

“Look, he was born ‘Barry Soetero.’ Somewhere along the line, he changed his name,” said Trump — referring to the surname of Obama’s mother’s second husband, Lolo Soetoro, whom she married four years after Obama was born.

If Obama can prove that he was born Barack Obama and not Barry Soetero that will stop the story that Trump began on Hannity last Friday dead in its tracks. What better way to do this than to produce the birth certificate?

We know a birth certificate could not be faked, right?

How damaging would it be for the electorate to believe that Bill Ayers wrote the book, Dreams From My Father? The ‘birther’ issue did not seem to bother Obama, but this new accusation must have been something he felt would be far more damaging and needed to be squelched quickly.

The whole thing only makes me wonder who wrote the book.


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