Why Did Soros Say He Is Almost Ready to Give Up on Obama? Will he support Trump?

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Glenn Beck brought it up, so many people will dismiss the idea right away, or did he? Actually he didn’t, a Tea Party member asked Donald Trump about George Soros and Trump replied:

“”Forget Soros. Leave him alone. He’s got enough problems. What about Soros, let’s talk about somebody else, sweetheart,” Trump said.

“A lot of people think that George Soros is you know nothing to worry about,” Glenn said. “Anybody else find it odd that he would say let’s get off of George Soros?”

Glenn Beck just took it from there and began to question their relationship.

Apparently he did not find a lot. Perhaps it is not unusual for two of the world’s richest ‘dudes’ (notice I did not say spooky) to host parties together.

“In December 2001, the New York Post mentioned a private party hosted by Roubini and Oliver Stone, George Soros, and Donald Trump,” Glenn said. “Roubini, George Soros, Donald Trump, that’s interesting company for a conservative candidate.”

Here is the spooky part. The Business Insider in November, back in 2010 ran a story that headlined: George Soros Is Almost Ready to Give Up on Obama.

There are some who believe that Soros will support Donald Trump.

Has anyone reading this heard of Bilderberg? There are several things that we need to consider:

1. Is Donald Trump really a conservative?

2. Who belongs to Bilderberg and what is their purpose?

3. What ties does Trump have to George Soros?


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  1. paolosilv says:

    Radio host Alex Jones talks about them alot. They’re a secretive club of the ultra ultra wealthy. They pretty much run the world, but they don’t allow any reporters. It’s all done in hush hush.

    Top Brass US Military people, Rockefellers, Saudis, people like that.

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