Enhanced Interrogation vs Shooting Unarmed Person

It is very difficult to determine the sensitivity level of the left in America. Most have been out-spoken and offended by the decision made by the Bush administration to use “enhanced interrogation techniques” on enemy combatants who have been captured. Sleep Deprivation and waterboarding has been labeled as ‘torture’ and under the Obama administration, CIA operatives are being investigated, an investigation that could lead to criminal charges.

Now, even as this investigation is ongoing, the Obama administration has made a decision to allow Navy Seals to invade the compound of enemy combatant, Osama Bin Laden and not interrogate him with enhanced techniques, but shoot him while he was unarmed. (Suppose it had NOT been him.) This seems to be an enigma, at least to some of us. Here is one man’s explanation why Obama’s decisions on both are compatible.

WALLACE: I’m not asking you why it was OK to shoot Usama bin Laden. I fully understand the threat. And I’m not second-guessing the SEALs.


WALLACE: What I am second guessing is, if that’s OK, why can’t you do waterboarding? Why can’t you do enhanced interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was just as bad an operator as Usama bin Laden?

DONILON: Because, well, our judgment is that it’s not consistent with our values, not consistent and not necessary in terms of getting the kind of intelligence that we need.

What makes the argument against “enhanced interrogation” sound even more ridiculous is the fact that it helped the military locate and ambush Bin Laden.

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

Leon Panetta, head of the CIA, said earlier this week that intelligence collected from detainees who were waterboarded provided clues that helped the U.S. track down Osama bin Laden.

Many, including Peter King and others in the Republican party, are already calling on Eric Holder to drop the investigation of our CIA. King suggest all citizens contact Eric Holder and demand the investigation be halted.


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4 Responses to Enhanced Interrogation vs Shooting Unarmed Person

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  2. paolosilv says:

    I agree. It’s no time for in-fighting among the services of gov’t. It’s only a matter of time before Al Qaeda tries to strike us in revenge. If you fly, take care.

    best, Paolo


  3. Jack says:

    As opposed as I am to the use of torture in interrogating the enemies of the United States, I do understand that enhanced interrogation techniques were used on a handful of terror suspects during the Bush Administration. About that use, I will say that in some circumstances, due the the changing climate if international warfare, in an effort to unravel and interdict the most dasterdly plots of our enemies, who let’s face it are trying to kill America’s children, some enhancement of techniques might be necessary from time to time, and only should only be approved by executive order, as was done in the recent neutralization of Osama Bin Laden. For this reason, I believe that the Attorney General’s investigation into the use of advanced interrogation techniques during the Bush Administration, should be abandoned.


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