Heaven Is For Real

Having just finished reading, Heaven Is For Real, I am left amazed at how much an almost four-year old boy could remember of his wonderful experience. It is certainly possible that he could. The two things that intrigued me most were the picture of Christ that Colton said “got it right” and the story of his other sister.

I have to agree with Randy Alcorn:

One concern is that I have seen such great excitement among Christians in response to this book, an experiential account that in its very best parts simply confirms what Scripture has said all along. Yes, Heaven is for real, but we already knew that, didn’t we? God’s Word has told us that all along. When there is so much fanfare about accounts that simply confirm what the Bible says, I wonder if we trust the accounts more than the Bible itself. People come to hear Don Piper speak because of his story of being in Heaven, told in 90 Minutes in Heaven. But hopefully Don, as well as Todd Burpo, would be the first to say people shouldn’t need to hear about Don’s experience, or Colton Burpo’s, in order to believe in the Heaven that Scripture reveals. I think many Christians need a better understanding not only of the authority of Scripture, but its sufficiency.

Still the book is extremely interesting and anyone who reads it will be left looking forward to heaven.


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