Fox News and CBS not influenced by George Soros?

Do you wonder why most media reports are obviously biased to the left when most Americans are not? Perhaps there is a correlation between contributors and coverage.

Are Fox News and CBS the only two major networks not being influenced by George Soros?

Reports like this one, ‘Why Don’t We Hear About Soros’ Ties To…. News Oganizations’, certainly make a person wonder!

Dan Gainor asks whatever happened to the policy of media to avoid all conflicts real or perceived? That sounds like a fair question to me.

I have one other question. What interest does Soros have in controlling the media in the USA? Certainly controlling the media isn’t something new for Soros. He, in fact, has a Media Program Initiative as a part of his Open Society. The purpose for this expensive program is stated as:

The Media Program seeks to promote independent and viable media and professional, quality journalism in countries undergoing a process of democratization and building functioning media markets. The program sees independent journalism as playing a crucial role in the functioning of democracies and in establishing standards for practices and content in a media environment marked by evolving communications technologies.

But the USA has the best communications technology, and we are world leaders in democracy, so there must be other reasons.

I suspect that to promote a socialist agenda would be at the top of his list of reasons.


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  1. jlue says:

    As a way of updating my own post, according to Glenn Beck today, CBS also takes money from Soros.


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