We Are All One Heartbeat Away…

The following is a paraphrase taken from One Heartbeat Away, by Mark Cahill, author of One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven:

  • Speaking of death, Mark Cahill asked a UU minister questions. He asked, “When you die, what do you think is on the other side?”
  • “I really don’t know…but” the minister explained that each person could believe anything they wanted to. He went on to say that he thought whatever happens on the other side, they would be OK.
  • Cahill then posed this question, “Is it possible that a person could believe something is going to be on the other side after death, but when he dies he finds that what he thought was going to be there was not actually there?” The minister agreed that this is certainly possible.
  • Mark Cahill answers with, “You are right, if someone believes there is nothing when he dies and there is something, then he is 100 percent wrong. But you can’t have a wrong answer unless there is a what?”
  • The minister replied, “A right answer.”

If logic interest you and if you have ever wondered what will happen to you one moment after your heart stops beating, I suggest you read One Heartbeat Away.

Not only does Cahill deal with ‘Your Journey into Eternity‘ in the book he also gives one of the best and most well thought out discussions of creation and the Creator vs evolution that I have read.


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