Dr. Hawking, There Is A Heaven

Stephen Hawking has said that there is not a heaven. According to AOL, this is his logic or basis for the statement:

In an interview published Monday in The Guardian newspaper, the 69-year-old says the human brain is a like a computer that will stop working when its components fail.

He says: “There is no heaven or afterlife for broken-down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.”

I see one very big problem with Dr. Hawking’s logic. He is comparing the brain with a computer. With this comparison I am okay. He says that because they function similarly, there is no room for heaven or an afterlife when they break down. He did not take into account that a computer has a designer.

Could a computer come into existence on its own? If one should put all the parts needed to make a computer into a box and shake them around for a billion years, at any point will a computer come into existence? I do not think so, but even if it happened, who put those parts into the box? From where did the parts come?

Certainly there is no heaven for computers, but there is often an afterlife. Go to a business near Chattanooga called ‘Affordable Computers’ and one will find restored computers. Here again it took a designer to restore the computer to a serviceable condition.

The Designer who designed mankind went far beyond anything a computer can actually do. Besides all the capability that the computer has, the human mind is capable of making choices, enjoying music and art, and it lives. This Designer also has the capability of restoring that life to an even better quality when the first life ends.

It is my hope that Dr. Hawking will reconsider the possibility of heaven. I do not want him to miss it.

Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’ ” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them.” Revelation 14:13

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8 Responses to Dr. Hawking, There Is A Heaven

  1. “He did not take into account that a computer has a designer. ”

    Even if the analogy worked, how does this apply to an afterlife? You can design a computer, but when it’s broken then it’s broken. There is no computer afterlife.


  2. jlue says:

    It just doesn’t seem like a good reason to rule out heaven. If there is a designer, there is more of a possibility of an afterlife, not less.


  3. Yoshi_ says:

    Nice analogy. NotaScientist has a weak point. Yes our brains do not have an afterlife but 1. You’re right. If we are created, then our creator can bring us back to life. 2. We believe in a spiritual God which means that we have life apart from what we understand based on physical functioning systems.
    B. Unfortunately, this doesn’t sound like you’re coming from a place that truly wants Stephen Hawkings to go to heaven. It sort of sounds like you just want to argue and prove that you may be right which will never change his mind. :/


    • jlue says:

      Creationists and evolutionists do argue a lot, but there really isn’t a point to the arguing. Neither can be proven, but neither can be ruled out. I don’t think we should rule out creation just because computers can’t have an afterlife when actually they can (just not eternal life), thanks to their designers. I really would like to see Dr. Hawking become a Christian (The Christian Designer offers eternal life). He has had a wonderful life as a physicist, but not a great life physically. I would like to know he will have a new body someday.


      • Yoshi_ says:

        I guess it is important to counter false claims such as his. However, in a blog like this I think we need to focus on the claim and not pretend that we are focused on the claimer’s salvation. It comes across as simply condemning and trying to be a know it all. Someone’s claim may be wrong; that’s when you show how it is wrong. Here the reader is shown that there is actually a possibility of heaven. Therefore to say that you hope he will reconsider comes off as arrogant and sort of insults his intelligence. In other words the unspoken message of the whole article is that you know better than Stephen Hawking and you hope he realizes it.


      • jlue says:

        That is one of the aspects of Christianity that makes Christians very unpopular. Most non-Christians do not want to be told what Christians know. Many times Christians do not witness because of this. I suppose we remedy this by simply telling what Christ has done in our life and for us rather than what the Bible teaches about Him or the evidences we see around us.


  4. yoshi_3 says:

    Sorry. No I think you’re right to witness and say what you think..I just feel like it makes Stephen Hawkings a target that’s all.


    • jlue says:

      I would like to think he would read this blog, but I doubt he will. 🙂 Maybe, but I really would like to see him reconsider his position about heaven and realize that there is a heaven. I think all evidence points in that direction, but still we must accept it by faith.


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