One Heartbeat Away – Cont’d

My daughter brought my attention to the book,One Heartbeat Away:Your Journey Into Eternity, and I am so glad that she did. I recommend it to my readers. It is deep, yet simple, and isn’t this how God’s plan for mankind is? It is a mystery that causes even the most hardened sinner to consider what Christianity has to offer and the most intellectual atheist to spend their entire life “kicking against the pricks.”

Cahill’s book is rich with quotes that have the wisdom of God tucked inside, ultimatums that leave the reader with a clear choice, scriptures that point and light the Way, and illustrations to engage the reader.

Here is one example. You are in the mall talking to a person who doesn’t like the fact that some people are allowed into heaven and others are not, after all, we all sin. How can you explain to a person why Christ was willing to come here, take our place, and justify us with His blood. An alarm goes off in a store because a store salesperson forgot to remove a security tag:

…”If someone left the security tag on your jeans and you walked out of a department store, what would happen?”He replied that the alarm would go off. I said, “Here is a word picture for you. Imagine that the gates of heaven have sensors, one on each side, and as you walk through, only one thing will set the alarm off. What would that be?”

His answer was, “My sin.”

I said, “Exactly. But if all of your sins have been forgiven and washed away, can you enter through those gates once you walk off planet earth forever?”

No one complains when the security tag is taken off a purchase in a department store. We complain if the tag isn’t removed, yet many are offended when Jesus pleads with us to have our sins removed so that we may enter heaven’s gates.  Many people would rather the sensors themselves be removed, but if God removed the sensors, there would be no heaven.

If you know someone who will benefit from this book, or if you haven’t read it, maybe it could be the next book you buy.


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