Where was Code Pink when Israel was attacked?

What do the dates October 28, 2001 and April 07, 2011 have in common with over one hundred and twenty dates that fall between these two dates?

These are dates of major terrorist attacks on the nation of Israel.These are only a few of the attacks Israel has endured.

May I ask, where were Code Pink demonstrators then?

Code Pink showed up to demonstrate during the speech of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As usual, they had to be removed from the audience due to their disruptive behavior.

Code Pink claims to be an international human rights organization. They showed up yesterday when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that a return to Israel’s 1967 borders would be “indefensible.” They use as their reason a concern for the children living in the Gaza strip. I ask, where are their concerns for the children of Israel?

I would like to point out to founders and staff,  Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin, Nancy Kricorian, Gael Murphy, Rae Abileah, Jean Desiree, Kristen Ess Schurr, C. J. Minster, Shaden Dowiatt, Farida Sheralam, Nancy L. Mancias, Janet Weil, Gayle Brandeis, and Alli McCracken that if they are sincere in their concerns for children we will see them speak out against those attacking the nation of Israel.

If they are simply far left political activist, they will continue to support those attacking Israel because there has been no indication of any sort that by relinquishing the Gaza strip, Israel would end the violent attacks. In fact, terrorist attacks are the reason Israel occupies the strip:

Israel’s military action in Gaza was in response to the nearly constant barrage of rockets and missiles launched by Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza. Israel’s military objective was to end Hamas’ ability to launch rockets into Israel and to prevent Hamas from smuggling in further weapons and material. Israel is fulfilling its duty and responsibility to protect the people of southern Israel who have been terrorized by eight years of a deadly rocket assault by Hamas.

Israel is not at war or in conflict with the people of Gaza or the Palestinian people.  Israel’s action was directed against the terrorist organization Hamas and its operational infrastructure.


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  1. paolosilv says:

    Thanks. I believe that Israel’s military has already withdrawn from Gaza, but their navy still patrols the seas for boats like the one used a year or two ago, for a propaganda show.


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    Hi, I’ve tried to add all of the recent posts on Israel I found into one convenient readable page. best ,Paolo


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