Sarah Palin’s Emails – “No Gotcha Moments”

Sarah Palin at a campaign rally in Raleigh, NC.

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HuffPostAOL has announced that there are no “Gotcha moments” in Palin’s emails.

There are no bombshells, no “gotcha” moments.

I doubt this will stop those who were searching for something to use. Attacks will follow, these nice folks just need more time.

As hard as HuffPostAOL worked, the write-up favors Sarah Palin with this description:

They show a woman striving to balance work and home, fiercely protective of her family and highly sensitive to media coverage. She expressed a sometimes mothering side with aides but was quick to demand answers or accountability. They seem to depict a more moderate Palin…

There was a reason for saving the closing remark for last:

Her supporters encouraged everyone to read the messages. “The emails detail a Governor hard at work,” said Tim Crawford, the treasurer of her political action committee, Sarah PAC, in a prepared statement.

Okay, now, could we please see Barack Obama’s email for this same time period? Surely he has nothing to hide either.


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