Will George Soros Determine Election Results in USA?

Soros is never ‘out of the picture’ in American politics.

How long has it been now since a Democrat has lost a close election and accepted that lost without contesting the results?  Remember Minnesota and how Al Franken took that state after Norm Coleman won the election. The stealing of that one state changed the make-up of the Congress of the USA. Remember how ‘uncounted’ ballots appeared out of nowhere?

Now imagine that scenario in multiple states across the US.

Recall the election of 2000 when Democrats fought to have a partial recount of the vote in the state of FL and refused to allow the counting of military ballots. Certainly the outcome will be different if only certain votes are counted. Decisions are made after elections that may determine the outcome and override the vote of the people. This is why Soros and others are getting people in place to make these decisions.

A small tax-exempt political group with ties to wealthy liberals like billionaire financier George Soros has quietly helped elect 11 reform-minded progressive Democrats as secretaries of state to oversee the election process in battleground states and keep Republican “political operatives from deciding who can vote and how those votes are counted.”

These progressive democrats are claiming that they only want to reform the voting process, however, upon close examination it seems much more likely to me that they want to control the process in order to manipulate outcomes.

Wake up America! Obama has moved to the center, but the goals of Obama and others who plan to “transform” America haven’t changed. They are just waiting until after the 2012 elections to finish the job. The solution is for conservatives to win by solid majorities. We need to begin today to teach American youth what is at stake and to get both young and older people out to vote for candidates who have conservative values and goals.

More than anything else, we need to renew our commitment to pray for the USA. Romans 8:31


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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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13 Responses to Will George Soros Determine Election Results in USA?

  1. I’m sorry to say that you have some of your facts wrong. When the Minnesota Senate race was concluded, the results were so close that a recount was automatically begun under state law. Neither Al Franken nor the Democrats contested the election – the LAW declares how close an election has to be before it is automatically contested.

    Minnesota received nationwide kudos for how transparent and accurate the recount was. I know that Republicans are sour that the results didn’t go their way – but there is no dispute about the outcome. A fair election with legitimate results should be the goal for everyone.

    Were you equally appalled when it turned out that large groups of people in Florida were not allowed to vote in that 2000 Florida election you referenced? Americans should have been outraged that legitimate voters were fraudulently turned away at the polls. Some of us were, some of us weren’t – as long as our candidate wins, right?


    • jlue says:

      Hi Lynn,
      I realize that there are hard feelings on both sides of the political spectrum regarding voter and election fraud. To answer your question first, “No”. I do not think that as long as our candidate wins anything is alright. I would never want ballots that appear mysteriously to be counted even if they were likely to help someone for whom I voted. I do not think anyone should be turned away from the polls if they have registered legally, have arrived at the polls on time, are not felons, are not in the country illegally, and have not voted previously under a different name or address. I am very much against voter fraud and election fraud. I think absentee ballots should be counted when they follow procedure and in the case of the military, always. The only large groups that I feel convinced had votes which were not counted in FL were military personnel. I did read where around seven people claimed to have been turned away from the polls, but I never heard the outcome of the investigation into these allegations.

      As for what happened in MN, we will never know for sure but we do know that Time reported that if a ballot has not been fully filled out; or overvotes, in which more choices than were allowed were selected — could decide the election for Franken…”

      Also, charges of felons voting illegally were made that sounded very credible:

      That’s the finding of an 18-month study conducted by Minnesota Majority, a conservative watchdog group, which found that at least 341 convicted felons in largely Democratic Minneapolis-St. Paul voted illegally in the 2008 Senate race between Franken, a Democrat, and his Republican opponent, then-incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman.

      Democrats do say that the recount was transparent and accurate. Watchdog groups say that there was voter irregularities.

      As for FL, I watched that process very carefully. To this day I do not understand why AL Gore would not agree to a recount that included counties that did not have strong democrat constituents.

      While we are talking about voter fraud, how outraged were you by the shenanigans of ACORN in 2008?


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  3. Where to start. First, those allegations that ballots mysteriously appeared in the Minnesota election were later debunked. It never happened, although once someone makes an allegation like that, it tends to stick with people who like to believe such a thing. Your own linked article confirms that the outcome of that election recount was completely above board.

    As for Florida – SEVEN people turned away? It was more like seven HUNDRED. Entire communities of black people were fraudulently told that they weren’t allowed at the polls. This is pretty old news, and I’m certain that right wing news agencies failed to properly cover it, but the charges were outrageous.

    Now for ACORN. They were accused of registration fraud, not voter fraud. What they did was hire people to go into communities and register them to vote. The mistake they made was paying these people per registration rather than a set compensation. So some of those hirees, figuring out that they would get more money if they turned in more registrations, faked some registrations and turned them in. Did you know that the people who discovered the fraud and turned them in were ACORN people? This wasn’t some outside organization that found the errors – ACORN found them with their own system of review. Workers had filled out names like Daffy Duck to get a bigger check, but they ended up fired instead.

    No one came to the polls and claimed to be Daffy Duck and successfully voted. In other words, the problem was in the registration, not in the votes. No voter fraud happened. I wish I could underline that to make it clear – – – No voter fraud happened.

    Later, an ideologue on the right made a video allegedly showing ACORN employees encouraging people in deceptive tax practices with regard to prostitution. It turned out that that video was very creatively edited and when a judge looked at the entire tape, unedited – he determined that ACORN had not done what they were accused of and he cleared them of all charges.

    I know they never reported these updates on Fox “News” but those are the facts. The fact that the right demonized an organization whose goal was to get more people registered to vote is interesting. Why do you think they believed it would be a bad thing to get more voters to the poll? Their Voter ID campaign has the same goal – keeping certain groups of people away from voting booths (quite the opposite of what our founding fathers wanted). Actual voter fraud is a teeny, tiny problem. When the dust cleared on the recent Wisconsin recount for Supreme Court Justice – they found exactly ONE PERSON had voted fraudulently. In national and local elections, there have been incidences of something like 1/100th of 1% of votes that were deemed worthy of question. It’s just something that doesn’t happen – but the Republicans are spending scads of money (in a recession) to institute Voter ID because they believe if they can keep elderly and poor people away from the polls, they might be able to change the outcome of elections. Pretty rotten politics if you ask me.


    • jlue says:

      Where do you go for your news? Could you send me the report of the judge clearing ACORN of all charges? I missed that.

      Why would Republicans want to keep elderly people away from the polls? Most elderly people vote Republican. Things have changed in the last ten years. Poor people and elderly people are able to present ID as well as young and wealthy. Americans should be ID’d when voting. It amazes me that anyone would want voters to vote without presenting an ID.


  4. Republicans are currently working really hard to destroy Medicare. Elderly people are running from the Republican party in droves. I used to vote Republican myself but I cannot STAND what the party has become in the past 15 years or so. They loathe the middle class, and since I have always been in the middle class I take great issue with that.

    It took me 20 seconds on Google to find the ACORN articles. Here is one:


    Here is another one that talks about the GAO clearing ACORN of something else the Republicans accused them of (desperation moves by the right):


    They never were the boogeyman that you were led to believe.

    As for VOTER ID – it’s not so much that there is an objection to showing ID, but our voting system has worked extremely well for a long time. We are still recovering from the Bush recession. Is this the time to spend large sums of money and time fixing something that isn’t broken? They claimed that they would focus on jobs, jobs, jobs if people elected them – yet they have not produced one single piece of legislation that would create jobs. Instead they have tied up legislatures all over the country with things like defunding women’s health clinics, defunding Head Start, breaking up teacher’s unions, and Voter ID. It was all a big lie.


    • jlue says:

      I am one of those elderly people. The elderly people with whom I associate all believe, as I do, that the ‘so-called’ health care reform that was passed recently needs to be declared unconstitutional and true reforms put in place. Perhaps there are some seniors who are running, but those of us in the south support limited government, lower taxes, and less entitlements. Medicare is going broke and unless something is done it will self-destruct. Obamacare actually takes money out of the medicare program. Read how Obamacare Guts Medicare.

      Government experts warn that by 2019, there will be insufficient funds in the Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) Trust Fund to pay for benefits, and most experts agree that current benefit levels cannot be sustained without additional revenue coming in to the program. Annual growth in Medicare spending is largely influenced by the same factors that affect health spending in general: increasing prices of health care services, increasing volume and utilization of services, and new technologies. In the past, provider payment reforms, such as the hospital prospective payment system, have helped to limit the growth in Medicare spending. Moving forward, system-wide efforts to curtail overall health care costs would help to improve Medicare’s financial outlook. There is general agreement among policymakers and experts that changes are needed to ensure the long-term viability of the Medicare program, but little consensus on how best to do so.

      Democrats always accuse Republicans of destroying entitlement programs whenever reforms are attempted. Realist know that something has to be done.


  5. I’m glad I at least educated you on the ACORN and Minnesota election situations. Part of the problem with inaccurate information being spouted by biased parties is that people continue to believe it long after it has been debunked. There are still some people who believe the intentional lie that the health care reform contained “death panels” for goodness sake. Candidates who lie about something to make political points can be very convincing. Consider the “palling around with terrorists” lie. Turned out that the “terrorist” was hired by a Republican committee. Oops!

    In the same vein – the adjustments to Medicare made in the health care reform were simply to do away with the waste and fraud built into the system. When Medicare was enacted many years ago, the insurance companies were obviously unhappy because this was going to dig into their own business. In order to appease them, kickbacks were built into the legislation so that insurance companies would get money passed through the system to them – even though they weren’t providing insurance to the individuals who signed up for Medicare.

    What the reform bill did was eliminate those costly kickbacks to the insurance companies. None of the benefits to recipients was affected.

    My mom died a couple of years ago, but hearing about Paul Ryan’s plan made me sick to my stomach. To imagine taking away my mom’s medicare and forcing her to negotiate with giant insurance companies to try to find the best deal … and then only compensating her for a portion of the cost – I couldn’t fathom it. She didn’t have the resources to either bargain with big corporations nor to pay the extra costs that aren’t covered by Ryan’s plan. That is senior abuse, pure and simple, and what will happen should that plan become a reality is that more and more seniors will end up uninsured and lost to the system. We’re a better nation than that.

    Yes, Medicare needs to be tweaked. But I would never vote for feeding seniors to the wolves.


    • jlue says:

      I know you mean well, but it sounds as if you read too many leftist propaganda websites. Also, you have a mindset that is so different from my own. Personally, I do not think it is abuse to expect anyone to take personal responsibility, but I also do not think you understand Paul Ryan’s plan. You are looking at it through the lens of Democrat political operatives and believing what those on sites like MediaMatters (It should be Media Doesn’t Matter) have taught you.

      If you really want to spend some time and know what Ryan Paul is proposing, the discussion, questions, and answers can be found here: US Congressman Paul Ryan http://paulryan.house.gov/News/DocumentSingle.aspx?DocumentID=248544

      Huffington Post did a pretty decent job explaining the proposal.

      People, like your mom, would not be forced out of Medicare. The plan would allow people in the future to make plans for coverage prior to needing the coverage. It takes time to study the proposal and understand it, but the scare tactics being used may keep a lot of people from giving it a chance. Medicare needs more than a ‘tweak’. It is going broke. It isn’t abuse to allow people to have some control over their own futures and to plan ahead so that the system doesn’t fail. It is abuse to lock people into a collapsing system and do nothing.

      If you call repeating left wing propaganda an ‘education’, then I suppose you educated me. The kind of education I would like, however, is the names of the judges who found ACORN ‘not guilty’. Who appointed them to the bench and what day and year the rulings were final? How many ACORN employees have been brought up on charges? Exactly what were the charges? I especially want to know more about the video tape being found as fraudulent? Court records are open to the public, but I don’t even know in what state this was brought to trial. Will you share this information with me since you know?


  6. Egads – all of that stuff about ACORN has been available to the public since it happened. I don’t have any of those bookmarked – I just read them at the time. Your suspicion of judges notwithstanding (sounds like paranoia) – the fact is that the charges were deemed to have no weight. Fox News tried really, really hard to make them a boogeyman, but really they were just an organization trying to get people to vote.

    As for personal responsibility – the right has an interesting take on this. They are for it, unless it interferes with their propaganda. The personal mandate in the health care reform is a perfect example. Back when Clinton was proposing health care reform, the Republicans insisted on a personal mandate if such legislation was to go through because you obviously can’t cover everyone if large groups of people sit on the sideline and don’t pay anything. The uninsured get their healthcare at the emergency room and the bill comes to those of us who actually PAY for healthcare.

    So, rightfully, the Republicans argued that is you’re going to cover everyone, then all of those previously uninsured people have to contribute.

    But interestingly now that Obama got health reform through – now they’re screaming that the personal mandate is unconstitutional! Where are all of the zealots to pound the table about personal responsibility? Suddenly personal responsibility is a bad thing, and it’s better to let healthy young people slide by without buying health insurance, and then when they’re horribly wounded in a car accident you and I will pick up the tab.

    Flip floppers extraordinaire. And the right harps on and on about getting the government out of our lives – – – except of course they want the government telling people who they can marry, how they can manage their reproductive lives, etc. They want government in the bedroom and in the doctor’s office!

    And you can easily stun a “rightie” by asking which government service are you willing to give up?

    FDA protection to make sure our pharmaceuticals are produced safely?
    National Defense?
    Interstate commerce?
    National infrastructure?
    Port security?
    Airline regulations?
    Centers for disease control?
    National agencies for research on cancer?
    Building codes that regulate construction companies so our homes are safe?
    Regulations to make sure toys are safe? Car Seats? Paint?
    Health department to make sure food preparation is safe?
    The EPA which has changed our polluted lakes and rivers into healthy water ways?

    I could go on and on about all the *horrible* things our awful government takes care of for us. Get them out of our lives! Ick! Who wants our grandchildren to be assured of healthy food and toys? That would be so stupid.

    You can see how sick I am of the hypocrisy of the right. As I said, I used to vote for some of them. They have left the center far behind and now produce extremists like Bachmann and Santorum.

    Anyway – I’ll leave you alone. I made my original point, which was to correct some bad information someone had given you. Neither you nor I will convince each other of the other point of view.


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