Fracking – Is this a bad word?

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If you have never heard the word Fracking, you will soon. It isn’t a new dirty word, unless you are an environmentalist who wants nothing but green energy.

Fracking is a method of releasing natural gas trapped in shale formations. The method has been quite successful and is aiding our economy and making us less energy dependent on foreign nations:

As recently as 2000, shale gas was 1% of America’s gas supplies; today it is 25%. Prior to the shale breakthrough, U.S. natural gas reserves were in decline, prices exceeded $15 per million British thermal units, and investors were building ports to import liquid natural gas. Today, proven reserves are the highest since 1971, prices have fallen close to $4 and ports are being retrofitted for LNG exports.

If you are interesting in hearing the arguments in favor of Fracking go to The Facts About Fracking.


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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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4 Responses to Fracking – Is this a bad word?

  1. paolosilv says:

    Hi, I think the world, and America are going through changes more radical than anyone realizes.

    The taxpayer-funded preschool which opened last year in the liberal Sodermalm district of Stockholm for kids aged 1 to 6 is among the most radical examples of Sweden’s efforts to engineer equality between the sexes from childhood onward.

    Breaking down gender roles is a core mission in the national curriculum for preschools, underpinned by the theory that even in highly egalitarian-minded Sweden, society gives boys an unfair edge.

    To even things out, many preschools have hired “gender pedagogues” to help staff identify language and behavior that risk reinforcing stereotypes.

    They made Gay marriage legal in NY State! They’re trying to ban ‘circumcision’ in Denver, Colorado.


    • jlue says:

      You are right about the world changing. I recall a few years back when a study was done concerning differences between male and females and the study detected differences that are present at birth (other than anatomical). This surprised a lot of people. Things we have known for ages often have to relearned because of social changes that attempt to change how humans perceive the world around them.


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  3. GoFrackYourself says:

    Fracking is a step backwards, not forwards. Natural gas doesn’t solve any of the problems of oil besides the fact that it is domestic. It is still finite and still environmentally hazardous. And on top of that, the fracking process itself causes health problems. Water is becoming even more precious than energy; we can’t live without it and it is extremely expensive to clean and transport. Why would we waste billions of gallons of water by pumping it into the ground full of chemicals, and risk contaminating billions of gallons more by allowing these chemicals to leak into it, just for cheap gas when we have plenty of perfectly good alternatives? If we invested half the money we put into coal, natural gas and oil in renewable energy instead, we would have solved these problems a long time ago. Let’s move forward. No more fracking lies 😉


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