Obama’s Defense – No Troops On the Ground in Libya?

In a news conference, defending his actions of sending troops to war in Libya without Congressional approval,Obama defends  his actions by saying there are no troops on the ground. This isn’t entirely true. There are troops on the ground there. These troops are called special advisors, but they are considered troops by the Pakistanis.

Although the troops are classified as “advisers” they have brought not only fighting know-how but several caches of weapons and all the necessary provisions for a prolonged stay in the region, as well.  Although not stated specifically what weapons the special forces operatives have brought with them, it is reported that a Libyan official has said  “the three Western states have landed their special forces troops in Cyrenaica and are now setting up their bases, and training centers.” This is to reinforce the rebel forces that are resisting pro-Gadhafi forces in several adjoining areas.

How do you feel about what the President has done?


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