Obama’s Remarks Cause For Concern

Are you concerned when the President of the USA states that it doesn’t really matter whether or not something he has done is constitutional – something so dramatic as sending our young men and women to war?

Here is what Barack Obama recently stated:

President Barack Obama told reporters he does not have to answer the question of whether the War Powers Resolution is constitutional.

This is how a lot of people felt about Saddam Hussein. Is Obama saying that if ‘he’ makes the decision, it should not be questioned and he doesn’t have to answer to Congress or to his constituents? Bush did get Congressional approval for a very unpopular war. Obama does not even bother to do that and his in your face attitude is that since he made the call it should not be questioned.

I understand that what Obama is actually doing is switching the real issue. Obama is saying that what he did is legal and the War Powers Resolution may not be, therefore, he is above the law. He doesn’t have to concern himself with that resolution because it may not be constitutional. This is similar to what he decided when he decided he would not defend the Defense of Marriage Act.


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