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Many of  Fox New’s competitors seemed to relish recent events that appeared to threaten the man so hated by so many – Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch has feet of clay. CNN, MSNBC and others spent many hours covering the events that ended News of the World across the pond. The story was scandalous and those who covered it could only hope that it would spread to include Fox News.

The part of the story that wasn’t mentioned was that Fox News covered the story as well or better than any opponent. When the Murdoch’s testified before a parliamentary committee on July 19, 2011, the entire event was broadcast by Fox News.

The testimony was impressive and intense. There was very little use of the famous phrases , “I don’t recall” or “It depends on the meaning of the word, is.” The testimony was frank and questions were answered.  Rupert Murdoch did not blame others or make excuses. While he did not order the hacking and probably did not know it was happening, he accepted blame, accepted liability and for all intents and purposes said, “The buck stops here.”

Those who wish to bring down the Murdoch’s may not be able to do so as easily as they may have thought. There are those who remember what the Murdoch’s have accomplished and what they have done to preserve printed journalism.

In the USA, there are many who remember when there was no balance in the media. There was only one viewpoint available on any subject – a liberal point of view. While Rupert Murdoch is not a conservative in many ways, he has allowed the one thing Americans most need in news – fair and balanced reporting. If a person holds a liberal viewpoint and if they wish to hear nothing but a liberal viewpoint with which they agree there are many news outlets. If a person wants to hear both sides of the story, there is Fox News. Our nation has Rupert Murdoch to thank for this.


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