Talk about adding insult to injury!!!

Adding insult to injury is exactly what Barack Obama did when he ‘graced’ the Tea Party with his presence!

I am not referring to the fact that he lied. Americans have come to expect that. We all know that he lies when it suits his purposes.

Here is what made me mad, not angry, MAD! Barack Obama might as well have called Tea Party members terrorist himself when he invoked the name of Timothy McVeigh to those attending the rally.

Obama did his usual rhetoric game when Ryan Rhodes tried to talk to him about recent events. After he lied, he blamed the Tea Party for Washington’s dysfunction. Then he asked where the Tea Party was when Bush was president, as if that were relevant. Next he brought up Tim McVeigh.  Tea Party members are somehow like McVeigh? When all of this fell flat, he excused Biden’s behavior by saying Biden just did not want us to default on our debt.

Here is what Obama said at the Tea Party rally.

When asked about Joe Biden’s remark that Tea Party members are ‘terrorist’ which has been aired on national TV, Barack Obama replied:

“No, no, what he said was that for us to be willing to take the economy to the brink was irresponsible, and it was. Now the truth of the matter is, considering what is said about me consistently…”

At this point Obama was interrupted by a woman who said,

“He’s the second person in your administration to call the right-wing people terrorists. Janet Napolitano did it first.”

To this Obama responded:

“No, no-no, that is not….”


“She said we’re right-wing extremists.”


“Well, that is true. Timothy McVeigh should be, you wouldn’t disagree with that.”

Woman attending Tea Party rally:

“Do you realize that 90% of domestic terrorist attacks are done by left-wing environmental radicals and not people like me…”

At this point Obama talked over the woman and made an indistinguishable remark about Tea Parties not compromising on a balanced budget amendment in recent legislation.


“That is reasonable. A balanced budget is reasonable.”


“Where were you during the Bush years?”


“I didn’t appreciate the Bush…This started then…”


“But, but, but…All he was saying was that he wasn’t objecting to a balanced budget amendment. He was objecting to us almost defaulting.


“Then why didn’t someone pass the balanced budget amendment? It is simple. We can pass that and nothing else.”


“It doesn’t sound like you are interested in listening. It sounds like you are (indistinguishable)


“You aren’t listening either.”

My question for Mr. President would be two-fold. “What does the Bush administration or Timothy McVeigh have to do with the over-spending and failure by this administration to creat a budget? Why focus on the Bush administration rather than the first two years of the Obama administration when he had a majority in both houses? Do citizens in this country not have a right to peaceful assembly during the Obama administration? According to the first amendment, Tea Party members have the right to meet and therefore it seems to me that they should not be called terrorist or automatically classified as those who would commit acts such as the act Timothy McVeigh committed.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.




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