Thomas Sowell – ‘We the People’

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In his op/ed entitled Random Thoughts, Thomas Sowell said:

Three little words — “We the people,” the opening words of the Constitution of the United States — are the biggest obstacle to achieving the political goals of the left. For that, they must move decisions away from “We the people” — from individuals to government; from elected officials to unelected judges; and from national institutions to international institutions like the United Nations — all safely remote and insulated from “We the people.”

Recently this has been clearly demonstrated in the war waged against the Tea Party.  Those who attended Tea Party rallies were at first, ignored or marginalized by the left-leaning media. This did not stop or even slow the movement.  In the next attempt to defeat the people, liberals began calling them names such as ‘tea baggers’. When the movement continued and Americans consistently called for limited government and lower taxes through the Tea Party, those attending were accused of being ‘racist’. There really was no evidence to support this charge. Members were not intimated enough to drop out of the ‘Tea Party’. At this point, many leaders began to verbally attack the leaders of the movement more viciously.

To me, the most interesting thing about this phenomenon is how desperate the left has become to end the influence of the Tea Party. Our president has joined the effort to squash the movement by accusing Tea Party goers of being irresponsible and suggesting that they are standing in the way of responsible legislation being passed. (As if tea party members are legislators or are able to stop legislators from writing responsible legislation.) This is all relatively mild compared to the recent charge that members are ‘terrorist’ or behaving like terrorist.

It remains to be seen what the next attack will be, but there will be another attack of some sort.


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