What’s Happening in USA – October 6 is the beginning

America is changing and the change doesn’t seem to be what most people expected when Obama was elected, although many were suspicious that he wanted to transform America into a socialist country.

Glenn Beck played a disturbing audio yesterday of plans by the left to shut down the government beginning October 6.  The audio can be heard at the link provided here.

It will be interesting to see how those on the left respond to this plan. Their intentions are to force Obama to follow the left-wing agenda more closely. I would think that most would realize Obama is simply waiting until after the election to get deeply involved in the left-wing socialist agenda, but apparently this group doesn’t.

It will be interesting to see if this is carried by the main-stream media, and if so, what slant is put on the story.


Here is a FYI item. When reading or listening to the news remember that meanings have changed. For example:

Glossary of New Terms

federal family – government

revenue enhancement – taxes

projected growth – stimulus money

war on terror – overseas contingency operations

terrorist attack – man-made disaster

illegal immigrant – undocumented worker



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