Obama Pushes Jobs In Ohio – (Temporary Jobs)

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Barack Obama is still promoting a bill that, as far as America knows, isn’t written. The bill is supposed to put Americans to work building and repairing schools and building and repairing roads and bridges.

It will be called the American Job’s Act when it is written and these temporary jobs are designed to give the economy the boost needed long enough for Obama to be re-elected.

The bill is also supposed to have cuts in Medicare and a temporary cut in Social Security taxes. These cuts are intended to give voters a ‘feeling’ of prosperity. The cut will be temporary, thankfully, because Social Security is already going to be out of money before the next generation reaches retirement age.

My questions to Mr. Obama are:

  1. Why did you choose to offer a cut in Social Security rather than  income tax cuts?
  2. Where are the jobs that were promised when the first stimulus bill was passed?
  3. Would you be willing to give the American people an accounting of the money from that bill and how it was spent?

The answers to the above questions are obvious.

Americans who have lived long enough to see politicians in action should not be taken in by this political posturing. Barack Obama either doesn’t understand economics or doesn’t want a sound economy in the USA.


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