Workers in South Carolina Say – Yes, We Can

Boeing 787 Dreamliner at roll-out ceremony

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Many workers in South Carolina are employed by the world’s largest aerospace manufacturer, Boeing Co. Boeing defied the National Labor Relations Board, when they opened a new $750 million assembly plant in South Carolina.

The National Labor Relations Board did not accept this move without putting up a fight. The National Labor Relations Board is alleging that Boeing violated labor laws by locating its new 787 Dreamliner facility and the board has filed a suit against Boeing Co. saying that the placing of the plant in SC hurts states’ abilities to keep manufacturing jobs.

SC is a right to work state while Boeing has traditionally built their planes in Washington state, a union state. The important thing to note about this battle is that Boeing’s expansion to the Palmetto State did not cost a single union job back in Washington state. The Washington plant has actually added jobs since the plant in SC was built.
Meanwhile Congress is attempting to pass a bill that  would prohibit the agency from ordering any employer to shut down plants or relocate work. The House has already passed the bill:
House Republicans say the board shouldn’t have power to dictate where a private business can locate.
Not everyone is supporting the rights of the employer to choose their location, however. Politico notes that the Obama Administration continues to favor Big Labor over American workers who are not affiliated with big unions:

In addition, the Obama administration’s continued deference to its political allies in Big Labor — instead of the innovators and entrepreneurs that have made America great — only serves to fuel the uncertainty that is keeping investors on the sidelines and people out of work.

According to a Rasmussen Poll, the American people agree with Boeing and with the Republicans in Congress with 64% of Americans polled saying that Boeing has the right to open the plant in South Carolina while only 21% disagree.
If you would like to support the workers in SC, you may do so at:

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