Googling – Do You Suspect Anything?

Finally, some questions are being asked of Google!

I have wondered for so long if Google ‘messes with us’. I have thought that “Well, sure they do!” I have wanted to scream about it, but then I rethink the situation and I conclude that I probably don’t know enough to ask or even’ suspect anything’.

Now Eric Schmidt is answering questionings under oath.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt defended the company’s business practices before a panel of senators Wednesday as the lawmakers lobbed questions on search rankings and Google’s search algorithm.

When George W. was president I frequently wondered if there could be only a handful of positive sites for our president on the world-wide web? Then came Glenn Beck. Does everyone on Planet Earth really hate the man and think he is a rapist? Is Rick Santorum a man with no positive information available anywhere? How is it that some people have only positive sites pop-up for four to five pages and others only negative? I looked at over 32 pages once searching for a positive site on a person.

Granted, the hearings are concerned with product availability rather than political figures. It occurs to me that if the results can be cooked toward product availability, how easy would it be to promote a political agenda? ( I am NOT saying this is being done. It is just a thought.)

Here is part of what was said when Schmidt was asked about ‘cooking the results’:

Schmidt responded that the Internet is a platform and that Google is like a GPS system and doesn’t control access to the Web.

The company does, however, control its own search rankings, which were a key issue in the hearing. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) questioned whether the company was “cooking the results” to ensure that Google-related results appeared consistently in product searches.

“Senator, I can assure you we have not cooked anything,” Schmidt said.

Okay, then. I guess I am just imagining the whole thing.


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