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Herman Cain

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Herman Cain is a force to be reckoned with in the 2012 presidential election. Nothing would please me more in this election than to see Herman Cain nominated as the Republican candidate and then go on to win the presidency in 2012.

Cain is a business man and an intellectual, with common sense as well. This is a rare combination. During the debate in FL he impressed me with his conservative values, his non-confrontational attitude,  his willingness to stay within the time frame given each candidate and his likeability.

My only fear has been that he hasn’t held political office and this will be a draw-back. Some people will not vote for him for that reason. There are others, however, who just might vote for him because of this. If a grass-roots movement to clean out Washington D.C.  sweeps the country, Cain may be our next president!

Cain is a favorite of the Tea Party. I always wonder when I hear people like Morgan Freeman make the kind of accusations about the Tea Party that he made on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live show. He must be totally ignorant of what the Tea Party rallies and meetings have been all about. Being ignorant certainly is understandable.  Why a man of his stature would parrot propaganda without bothering to get first-hand information is really hard for me to comprehend. Perhaps the success of Herman Cain will be a wake-up call for those liberals who have believed a lie.

When Cain speaks at conservative conferences and Tea Party rallies, he gets bigger crowds than members of Congress, and only slightly smaller crowds than Fox News hosts.

Having become very discouraged with Perry and Romney, I hope this is the beginning of a surge that puts Herman Cain in the number one slot. He is a Christian man and I think he would make a really good president


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