Big Brother May Be Doing Much More Than Just Watching

Cloud Powered Facial RecognitionHave you heard of this? Technology that is capable of taking a snapshot of your face and learning who you are, where you live, and even your social security number apparently exist and is in use today.

In the beginning it was used to track terrorist. Here is what is now being reported:

With Carnegie Mellon’s cloud-centric new mobile app, the process of matching a casual snapshot with a person’s online identity takes less than a minute. Tools like PittPatt and other cloud-based facial recognition services rely on finding publicly available pictures of you online, whether it’s a profile image for social networks like Facebook and Google Plus or from something more official from a company website or a college athletic portrait….Researchers Alessandro Acquisti, Ralph Gross, and Fred Stutzman anticipate that such technology represents a leap forward in the convergence of offline and online data and an advancement of the “augmented reality” of complementary lives. With the use of publicly available Web 2.0 data, the researchers can potentially go from a snapshot to a Social Security number in a matter of minutes:

Having just learned about this, I am not able to say much, however I think we all need to investigate the claims and consider whether or not we want to stay on social net-working sites such as Facebook, My-Space, etc.


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