Shame on Chattanooga Times and Freepress

When our paper arrived this morning the front page story was hardly true front page news! In fact, it was misleading. Reading only the headline would leave the impression that Ms Cooper is not going to be allowed to vote.

Here is the front page headline:

  • Oct. 5th, 2011
Those who take time to read the entire article will see that no one is denied the right to vote. Some just have to go to more trouble than others to get an ID. Here was what was recommended to Ms. Cooper:

After Cooper was denied a photo ID Monday, Kilpatrick contacted Hamilton County’s Administrator of Elections Charlotte Mullis-Morgan, who recommended that Cooper vote with an absentee ballot rather than having to stand in line with her walker again at the state center.

Absentee ballots don’t require photo ID, and the new state law was crafted to allow that exception. A U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding a similar Indiana statute cited the absentee ballot exception as one of the reasons the Indiana law didn’t infringe on constitutional voting rights.

Also it tells us that:

Cooper’s younger sister, now 91, lives in a nursing home across town. Nursing home residents and assisted living residents are exempt from the new photo ID requirement.

Every qualified, law-abiding citizen should have the right to vote and vote easily. It sounds like the law accommodates all legal voters. That isn’t what the headline leads readers to believe.

There will be those who will argue that homeless people will not be able to vote. In any other legal circumstance, homeless people would be required to have ID. The same should be true for voting. The law could in reality help a homeless person if it encourages them to get the assistance they need.

What I see as truly sad in all of this is the campaign that has been launched to teach students that those who want to protect the integrity of the vote are trying to infringe upon people’s right to vote. All Americans should care about having honest elections where only legal, registered voters participate and each person votes one time only. A look at what has happened in countries where the vote is not protected should encourage everyone, regardless of party affiliation, to care about integrity of voter rights.


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    • jlue says:

      The blog that pingbacked here is an example of how misleading headlines cause people to believe and repeat misinformation.


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