Iranian Leader Believes Chaos Will Prevail In the USA

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An Iranian military leader has compared what is happening in the USA with the Occupation of Wall Street Protest to the recent uprisings that toppled Arab autocrats in the Middle East.

The leader is Gen. Masoud Jazayeri and he is a member of the Revolutionary Guard in Iran. He believes that these protest will take down the capitalist economic system in the US. Jazayeri believes this is because Obama has failed to transform America in the ways he promised when elected.

This General may not be far from the truth. What Jazayeri misunderstands is this movement is not separate from the change Obama promised. It is a part of the change and indeed may be the final phase of the change he intends. Obama has failed to legislate the demise of America and the American way of life, however, he may be able to usher that change in through other means during his administration.

Where legislation intended to bring the system down has possibly failed,  chaos might succeed.

Americans need to begin a prayer vigil for the USA and for those who are on Wall Street. We need a return to the principles Christ taught rather than chaos and protest at this time in our history.


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