New Billboard by Concerned Citizens – Who Are They?

Concerned Citizens – Who are they?

Who are the ‘Concerned Citizens’ who are paying to have this billboard up in a state that voted for John McCain and will remain in the conservative ranks again in 2012?

Others are asking the same question that I have asked. According to  The News-Courier in Athens, AL, another conservative state, and another state where the billboard has appeared, “Concerned Citizens of America” are paying for the ad.

There is more than one group who call themselves the “Concerned Citizens of America.”  Perhaps a parallel group has taken the name in order to confuse issues that are being tackled by Concerned Citizens who are associated with Tea Party Patriots. Concerned Citizens of America is a separate organization.

The sign pictured is found on highway 27 in Georgia. If there are other signs that you have seen, please comment and let readers know where they can be seen.


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