Cain Explains “Opportunity Zones”

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Herman Cain has explained what he once called Empowerment Zones and is now calling Opportunity Zones. Apparently others were feeling as I did that Empowerment Zones did not sound like something a conservative could support. Now I know that just changing the name makes absolutely no difference, but, regardless of what it is called, I like the idea better the way Cain explained it recently. Simply stated, an area must qualify to become an “opportunity zone” and by qualifying the zone will be enacting policies that empower citizens to work and the economy of that region or zone to improve. A few of the things Mr. Cain mentioned are:

To qualify for zone status under Cain’s plan, a given jurisdiction will have to enact policies the unions consider anathema – such as the elimination of the minimum wage, the provision of school vouchers, or the declaration of a zone as a “right-to-work” area.

While I never jumped completely off the Cain Train, I definitely was getting ready to jump. After hearing his explanation, I think Cain is probably still the man to vote for in the Republican primary. Notice that I said, ‘probably’. Two things that impress me about Cain; he is not afraid to say, “I am working on that” and “I will surround myself with people who know.” I have listened to him for several years when he has hosted radio programs and he has a solid, common sense approach to problem solving. It could be just what we need in this country.


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  1. theoldsilly says:

    I too, was just about to jump the Cain ship when the “empowerment zone” thing came out. I was also beginning at first to be dubious as to the whole 999 plan – so many intelligent people from the left and right have decried it or lauded it with stats and examples and logical analyses, that my head’s been spinning. But the more I analyze it myself, and compare the critics’ arguments against the supporters’, well … now with “Opportunity Zones” better understood as well I’m back to “Raising Cain” in 2012. I think he’s the first real, not owned by anyone, unafraid to speak straight from his head and heart man–and definitely the first real black man–to run for office in … I can’t remember, been so long, lol.

    Marvin D Wilson


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