Catholic University Sued by George Washington University law professor

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Why should colleges and universities refuse all federal and state aid? Perhaps the reason is to maintain integrity and religious freedom as well as academic freedom.

Wouldn’t you think that if a Catholic family pays to send their offspring to a Catholic University they could expect to have them in an environment conducive to Catholicism.

Why would anyone expect a Catholic University to accommodate Muslims? How many Catholics would even send their college age student to a Muslim college? If this did happen, would that family expect to find Christian symbols on the campus?

I believe that most Americans would expect Catholic and all Christian colleges to have crosses in the buildings and worship centers where Christ is worshiped.  There are people who would change this. John Banzhaf doesn’t believe that Catholic families should have the

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right to worship Christ exclusively. He believes they should be forced to accommodate Muslim students. He has filed a complaint with the Office of Human Rights in Washington on behalf of Muslim students against The Catholic University of America. He filed the complaint without even having a Muslim client.

The details of that situation were not clear Thursday, but professor John Banzhaf said he filed the complaint with the city based on the article and had not received any complaints from Muslim students.

The article to which the professor referred was in the Washington Post and written by a Muslim student who complained that Jewish students had an official worship group on campus but Muslim did not.

It seems to me that this would not be a problem if the Catholic University did not accept Federal money.

Funding for Catholic University

Perhaps what we need most in education in the US is a movement toward private educational institutions that operate without federal aid and even without state if possible. We need a network of private schools from primary through college that are affordable and accessible to all families, even single parent families. Homeschooling is wonderful, but not all families are able to home school.

It would be helpful if conservatives had a person (as rich as George Soros, only conservative rather than socialist) who would fund  or support this project until the schools become self-supporting.


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