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S. 1867 National Defense Authorization Act and the implications of language included

S. 1867 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 is a bill that could affect all Americans. Certainly we want to be safe at home, but at what cost? The Welborn Freedom Watch site is the place to visit … Continue reading

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Herman Cain – Poem Written by my Granddaughter

Herman Cain was my main till they came and left his reputation stained with all the scandals. They claimed he was to blame, unprofessional, detestable allegations denied in full. He refrains from accepting defeat. He remains even when taking the … Continue reading

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Can we afford government schools?

One commenter asks if we as a society can afford private schools for all students. My question is: Can we, in the USA, afford government schools? To answer the first question: People would be able to afford private tuition if … Continue reading

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