Thomas Sowell Supports Newt Gingrich

Thomas Sowell supports Newt Gingrich as seemingly so does Laura Ingraham. I am seriously considering voting for him.

He must be doing pretty well because those on the left are now giving him their most hateful criticism. One thing is certain. Americans can know who he is and who we are getting with Newt Gingrich simply by taking the time to find to listen. There are many, many videos of speeches available that give insights into what Gingrich believes and who he is. Please take the time to listen to a portion of a speech made at James Madison University on Monday, April 16, 2007 in the Festival Conference and Student Center Ballroom. He is an educator as well as a politician. We do need this in America.

Neal Boortz has explained how Newt offered learning seminars on improving our government while he chaired American Solutions for Winning the Future. The organization is a tri-partisan citizen action network also founded by the former Speaker of the House:

American Solutions’ goal is to create the next generation of solutions that will ensure that the United States remains the safest, freest, and most prosperous country in the world and that will enjoy the support of a tri-partisan majority of Americans (Democrats, Republicans, independents).

Newt held seminars on improving and restoring our government where he had speakers, he had sessions for questions and answers and he had solutions that were discussed. He did these things because he loves America and he wants a better government.

It is possible that he should be the next president of the USA. We certainly need to look at what he has said and not what is being said about him.


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5 Responses to Thomas Sowell Supports Newt Gingrich

  1. I feel that Gingrich can lead. I do think he is much like Christie in that he opens his mouth and says things without explaining why he is saying what he says. He is a very smart man, we know that from the past. Has he made mistakes? haven’t we all?
    We need someone who knows government and foreign policy, he does.
    I like some of what Paul says and some of Romney, but Gingrich has the most to offer.


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