Can Obama be defeated in 2012?

The USA has become a very fragmented society. It seems to me that voters in 2012 will be so fragmented chances of voting together to actually improve our situation is highly unlikely.

I see the following groups who will vote as follows:

1. There are those who will vote for a candidate because of pride. They wish to see someone they have supported succeed. Being elected to a second term gives an appearance of success.

2. There are those who will vote for a candidate because they see the problem as Washington being run by corrupt machines and war mongers. They see someone as the single candidate who is against war and for cutting spending. They have picked a candidate  who they feel is consistent, incorruptible, guided by faith and principle —  the one we’ve been looking for–

3. Another fragment of voters are strong conservatives who are looking for a candidate who will fight for the right of the unborn, for freedom of speech, for freedom to worship, and for states rights. This group is looking for a candidate who will keep America strong economically and militarily, stand by their promises, and uphold the constitution. 

4. A fourth group are union people. The most important thing to union voters is a person who will keep federal money flowing into the unions. Unions control how they vote.

5 A fifth faction of people are known as moderates. They are looking for a middle of the road candidate. A middle of the “roader” will not be an extremists in any area. They will be willing to give when needed and will not rock any boat too much. They will keep federal government strong, at least promise to protect the nation, and keep the status quo.

6. A growing group in America is the entitlement group. They depend upon a government check at the beginning of each month. This group might like to vote for someone other than the person for whom they will eventually pull the lever, but their total dependence on government compels them to vote for a big government candidate who promises to keep the checks coming throughout their lifetime.

7. Another group who must be considered is the group known as independents. They watch all the candidates and will make a decision toward the end based on what they feel is best for the nation. Many independents easily slip into one of the groups above, but most will never admit that.

It seems to me that groups 1, 4, & 6 will definitely vote for Barack Obama. I see group 2 as Ron Paul supporters and it is this group that will probably re-elect Obama. If groups  3, 5, and 7 cannot agree upon a candidate that they all will support, Barack will be definitely re-elected. If Ron Paul or Donald Trump run on a third party ticket, Barack Obama will be re-elected. The only certain way to keep Barack Obama from staying in office for four more years is for groups 2, 3, 5, and 7 to unite. It will take the help of the Lord for this to happen

Could our nation survive another four years with Obama? I don’t think so. Obama still hasn’t accomplished his goal of a”civilian national security force”. I find this to be the most frightening thing that he promised to do. Will he do this if elected to another term?

He is also changing our nation quietly with executive orders. Wikipedia has eight pages of executive orders Obama has signed.

Obama has sued STATES who have attempted to uphold the immigration laws that the federal government refuses to enforce.

Obama successfully ‘covered-up’ the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Rep. Darrell Issa (R-California) says it is now very apparent, if it was not before, that the White House was deeply connected in the “Fast & Furious” mission where guns were trafficked across the US-Mexico border.

Media, once again, gave Obama a pass.

Obama used so-called stimulus money to pay off Unions. Unions, not workers, have fared well under Barack Obama:

Finally, the NLRB finalized a rule that forces every employer in America to post union propaganda explaining the “perks” of joining a union, but none of the drawbacks. Clearly, unions have found their man in Mr. Obama. Facing an unsympathetic public, unions know their only road back to power runs through the White House – and Mr. Obama is driving the car.

Even if none of the above were true,  debt is destroying our future and Obama plans to ask for trillions more when he returns from his luxurious Hawaiian vacation.

May God have mercy on our nation. Only with His help will we survive and remain free.


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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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2 Responses to Can Obama be defeated in 2012?

  1. So true, so true. Sad too!


  2. TheSkunk says:

    #2 is not a bad characterization of Ron Paul supporters but I would argue his positions are more conservative than today’s modern conservatives.

    All the evidence you need is to look at the actions of Republicans in office for your answer. Congressional approval as a whole is down to 5%. That includes both Democrats and Republicans my friends. It is through both parties that they have spent us into oblivion and allowed our freedoms and liberty to be eroded. None have reduced the size of government including Republicans.

    How can we expect real change to occur if we elect a Newt Gingrich who fast tracked NAFTA and GATT which ceded US sovereignty to a foreign body (the UN), if we elect former Senator Rick Santorum, all part of the Washington machine that got us where we are today.

    The party names may be different but the results have been the same…more government, less personal freedom and economic distress for many.

    There is really only one issue in my mind that can help right our ship and that is the abolishing of the Federal Reserve banking system. They have manipulated markets and thrown our economy into a credit debt based system which is unbiblical since it is based in usury. Sound monetary policy will ensure economic freedom for any who are diligent and work hard. That environment no longer exists with countless regulations and excessive taxation.

    When the Federal Reserve sends trillions of dollars overseas to bail out their banking buddies on the backs of the American taxpayer, shouldn’t we all be upset? The government is for the people by the people. It has become the government for the corporate and banking interests and let the people be damned.


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