Who should stay in the race? Opinion Poll

Who do you wish to see stay in the race for president?

If you believe the news, you have a choice between an “Angry White Man” “A Brilliant Community Organizer” and “an American businessman and politician.”


Ron Paul is calling for all other candidates to drop out of the Republican primary and allow Romney and Paul to go head to head to see who voters prefer.

The south, however, is a totally different voting block than NH.

The three candidates who will be our choices for president if Paul gets his way are not what most southern voters prefer.

I deliberately placed unflattering links to each candidate because this will be what will be used to attempt to destroy the candidates. Ron Paul’s faithful will remain faithful, but it is very doubtful that he will be able to garner enough votes to stop the Romney train. The real question is:

Is it time for Gingrich, Huntsman, Santorum, and Perry to throw in the towel? What do you think?

If none of these choices represent your preference, please comment.


About jlue

I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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7 Responses to Who should stay in the race? Opinion Poll

  1. swissecon says:

    Paul, Huntsman, and Romney should stay in the race. Well, not ‘should’..rather ‘will’. Romney >should< quit politics altogether…


  2. smijer says:

    If I were a southern evangelical movement conservative, my preference would be to see the “not-Romney” vote coalesce behind either Gingrich or Santorum. Between those two, Gingrich has a slim but better chance of beating Obama than Santorum. Gingrich also has better tea party credibility. Santorum has more credibility for religious and “social” conservatives, and an advantage in terms of personality.

    Huntsman has little chance in the current political environment. He rivals McCain on hawkishness, but otherwise closely resembles an Eisenhower Republican… in other words, one that would gather more sympathy from the Greens than from the modern Republican voting base.

    Paul is in the same boat. Some facets of his libertarian platform are attractive enough to gain enthusiasm among the youth vote and the tea party, but he is too much of a paleo-con foreign policy realist to gain a nomination from the Republican party of 2012. Besides that, his perceived eccentricity and old geezer persona play against him in any high profile political campaign.

    In my experience, and only generally speaking, the most credible candidates are apt to sit out election years with an incumbent. Romney may be an exception because of his wealth and extreme donor base, but generally speaking the ones with a real shot are smart enough to hold out for a year when they don’t have to overcome the advantages of incumbency. This is probably why Hillary Clinton didn’t run in 2004.


    • jlue says:

      You make some very valid and interesting points. Paul has basically said that he doesn’t expect to be the nominee, but he wants to influence the platform and make a difference at the convention. It seems he has the support to do this. I like his stand to do away with useless government agencies and bureaucracy and return to the constitution. If he can influence Republicans in this way, that will be great.

      Those who have power and influence in the Republican party are behind Romney, so it will probably come down to a choice between Romney and Obama for 2012. We will see what happens.


      • smijer says:

        You are right. The nomination is Romney’s to lose. And the general election, like so many, will be between the lesser of two evils (which, I remind you, is still evil).


  3. Dorris says:

    I have put in a lot of hours on each candidate,my run down.
    Ron Paul,although he has a lot of good points ,he is not strong enough to beat Obama in a debate.

    Santorum,also has good points,I just don’t think he has enough life experience behind him to be effected to people with experience.

    Rick Perry, Although I like his strength in beliefs,and he has done quiet well for Texas,I don’t know if he is ready for the big time at this point.I do Like him and I think if he knew how to hire honest and knowledge people to fill in the gapes where he is weak he could be a contender.

    Romney, To Liberal, He is in what I have found is a Republican Obama, ,I as many have found he knows how to twist the truth to make it sound very convincing. I really don’t have faith in him at all that he would do well for the people if he won.
    He is a good business man but not Presidential material.

    Last but not Least,Newt Gingrich,I think life experience has him on top, he has admitted his wrong and I truly believe he has learn good lessons from them.He in my opinion is the only one that can upstage Obama in a debate, He know where all the bodies are buried and can call any shot that Obama can bring up.He is a very smart man and can hold his own,I think he would listen to the people and have AMERICA in mind on any decision he would have to make.
    He knows the Constitution by heart and would abide by them.

    Now if we are going to look for a saint , we wont be on earth to find them.It comes down to the lesser of 2 evils,3, or 4 .We have to really put our American hearts at work ,and make sure there will NOT be any more Socialist TRYING to take America down. We CAN’T afford to let the likes of Axelrod ,Soros, and all the CZARES that Obama put in place with the help of his Socialist buddies take America down.
    And this I promise is all true about Obama, PLEASE research on his past, and how long he has been being groomed for the roll he is playing.
    The man has NEVER worked a day in his life, his education was paid for by? you know what I am going to let you do your own research,that way it won’t look like I am trying to make up your mind.
    And as I always want to remind people I am not coming from a Republican view point.I am a registered Independent searching for the truth (which is not common practice in our Government at this juncture)for the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    The one thing that frightens me is all the information on Obama ,and is not being brought out,Why are the people that are suppose to be protecting us letting this build into the American people feeling like we will have to step in and do like other countries have done to remove the leaders that have become Dictators instead of working for the good of the people .

    Obama made a statement to Congress,Let ME Reorganize the Government For You.
    Now he will try to play that down,and as always some people still believe him that he was just jesting,there is where the fear comes in.
    He means every word, He made the remark ,American people are stupid.and for those that still believe him ,really are.
    Enough,I am getting to angry and I have made a promise to myself ,I will not let this man be responsible for me having a stroke.
    God Bless Our Judeo Christian Nation,


    • jlue says:

      Thanks for the comment Dorris. I keep coming back to Newt, although for a while I thought he had put himself out of the race. I so wanted Mike Huckabee to run, but I know that I have to stop looking back and go with what we have been given.

      You are right about Obama, but there are many who do not see that he is a Marxist, or if they do, they do not understand what it means. They will have to come to understand this on their own and really understand what it means for the future of America. A lot of people do not have a clue. Obama is a Chameleon.


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