Ron Paul Addresses the John Birch Society

This is something that should be heard by voters. Americans need to know. How many young Americans really understand the John Birch Society?

I cannot say that I agree with Ron Paul on foreign policy, but I do agree that we need to get OUT of the UN and that we should have a Declaration of War prior to going to war. I am with him all the way on economic policies and constitutionality. Am I being converted to a Ron Paul supporter? Not yet! I am, however, impressed by much of what he has to say, I am interested, and think he is right on many issues! We need to listen!

What is your opinion?


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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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  1. TheSkunk says:

    Great vid Jlue!

    It sounds like you agree with more Ron Paul positions than any other candidate thus far, which when you step back for a moment, just may lead you look closer at the foreign policy itself and how it might play out should he become President.

    I’m re-posting a n excellent perspective from a member at the DailyPaul forums (

    American Deaths: Iraq War | Mexican Drug War | Year

    Ron Paul: the only man who will protect you and your family from the inconvenient war on America’s doorstep instead of playing politics with immigration.

    First he will cut off the funding to these drug cartels through reforming drug policy.

    Second, he will bring home soldiers sitting in friendly countries like Germany & Japan and put them to use for what they were meant to do: securing our country’s border.


    It’s hot in the desert. Just think: $20 billion annually for air conditioning the Middle East?

    That’s $20 billion every year thrown out the window just to lay the ground work to build other nations.

    What could American defense do year one with $20 billion?

    $18 billion would get you 4 Nimitz-class supercarriers, nearly doubling the Navy’s current count of 10.

    At $17 billion America could restart the scrapped F-22 program and add 1,133 Raptors to the only 187 existing.

    For just $10 billion America could effectively DOUBLE the missile defense program.

    A mere $2 Billion would multiply the Pentagon’s Cyber Defense budget by 10 times.


    And what about the standoff with China?

    According to GOA, The U.S. Government Accountability Office, cheap Chinese goods have a 40% defective rate and are severely damaging the Military Supply Chain–putting lives and missions at risk.

    Ron Paul will bring back American manufacturing and make Made in USA great again.

    The post only considers one small chunk of money being spent overseas. What if that amount were $100 billion or $200 billion? You see it is the redeployment of those resources at home where we can be better stewards of that money and still accomplish the Constitutional mandate of providing for a strong national defense.

    A popular woman’s blog is close to endorsing Ron Paul based on a letter received from a close friend. The blog is and the letter is re-posted here:

    The letter addresses the primary reasons for supporting Paul and the foreign policy section is relevant to this discussion.

    So not to dirty another thread, isn’t it interesting that all remaining candidates have begun parroting Ron Paul’s positions on States’ rights, rights endowed by our Creator, returning to some type of gold standard for sound money? It is good campaigning on their part so they can minimize the influence Paul has had on voters since they are hot button issues. But I ask you…do you want a candidate that will say whatever they need to say to get votes or do you want a candidate who has been consistent and unwavering when it was unpopular to do so? If these positions on issues made Paul “unelectable” in the eyes of mainstream media, why then do his opponents now adopt similar language?

    Please do not be fooled again. Gingrich and Santorum didn’t even make ballots in a minimum of 5 states. How do they expect to win the nomination if they can’t receive the delegates from those states? People forget it is the delegates who select the nominee not the poll results in each state. When a candidate drops out of the race delegates those candidates would have received have to vote for a remaining candidate. Now you know the strategy behind the Paul campaign and why after NH they asked the other candidates to drop out. All those other candidates were/are doing is fracturing the vote and distracting from real debate. Santorum doesn’t have the money to continue, Gingrich has borrowed money to finance his campaign aside from super PAC donations from Sheldon Adelson. Ron Paul supporters give money often to efforts to get the word out. They donate from every pay check and as Paul’s base of support grows he will be able to raise money to campaign against Obama. $50 per week from 100,000 supporters alone raises $5,00,000 per week. With 9 months until the election that is roughly 36 weeks (actually a little more but we’ll low ball the estimate) which equals $180,000,000.

    With Paul and Romney polling in a dead heat with Obama if the national election were held today, he is certainly electable.

    Newt and Santorum have proven their unworthiness while in Congress. They are part of why we are where we are today. Romney serves the highest bidders and resorts to buying support. Please do not repeat the mistakes of the past and vote for Ron Paul.
    Ron Paul: A Presidency you will feel safe under because your money’s spent smart, not stupid.


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