Juan Williams is a stand-up guy!

Last night, when Juan questioned Newt Gingrich about some of his ‘controversial’ remarks such as calling President Obama the “food-stamps president” and suggesting that students would be better off if they worked jobs doing janitorial work while still in school, Newt got a standing ovation – Juan got booed. In this case, Newt deserved what he got, Juan did not! Hopefully the audience, caught up in the moment were booing the question, not the person. However, the question was a legitimate one and made an opening for the former speaker to explain statements that needed explaining. Many people gasp at such statements because they have been raised in a politically correct world where most people dance around the truth for fear of being misunderstood or attacked.

Today on The Five, Juan Williams sat in for Bob Beckel and as usual did a great job. Juan also did something that will surprise some people. He said that Newt Gingrich won the debate and “knocked it out of the park.” (I liked that.) At that moment, so did Juan Williams!

Juan Williams is the kind of person who gives journalists a good name. He is honest and he is fair. These are traits that are not often found in journalism today. He is one of the few people, who self-identifies as a liberal, and does not give that word a bad name.


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