ABC still doesn’t get it.


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It is probably true that “The pen is mightier than the sword.” The Mic is mighty as well, but when an agency or broadcasting network is dishonest, sometimes it will backfire.

Listening to radio news today I happened to hear an ABC report. They told how Obama will speak tonight about how rich Americans should pay their fair share of taxes. I suppose that could be considered news. They, however, did not stop there. In the news, was also the information that Mitt Romney made $22,000,000 in investments last year and that, according to ABC, he did not pay his fair share. If it were true, that would be news. The really despicable thing about ABC’s comment is that it isn’t true. Mitt Romney paid what the law required, unlike our esteemed Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner. I cannot go back and check, but I wonder if ABC even reported Geithner’s failure to pay his taxes until he was forced in order to be given the position he holds.

What ABC news doesn’t get is that the American people on the whole are tired of such foolishness being given as news. Americans do not mind political commentary and opinion when it is up-front and identified as such, but to attempt to sway voters in such a blatant fashion is ridiculous.

What happened in South Carolina should  have given ABC a clue. Rather than allow Newt Gingrichs political opponents to dig up his past indiscretions, the news service took it upon themselves to do so. The good people of SC responded by voting for the person ABC tried to trash.

Perhaps ABC thinks only Republicans will respond this way. Or perhaps they think only South Carolinians actually care what they do.  I think they are wrong. While it is true that many in South Carolina have ancestry dating back to Ft. Sumter and King’s Mountain and these independent loving people despise cheap, obnoxious political tricks, many Americans share these values. I believe that all fair-minded people, when presented with the facts, will agree that media needs to do one of two things. 1) Go back to reporting news or 2) Declare themselves to be what they are; in the case of ABC a political operative for Obama.


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