Blue balls fall from sky

What is the strangest thing you have seen falling from the sky?

Chicken Little thought the sky was falling when something fell on his head. Steve Hornsby must have thought so, too. Only an acorn did not hit Steve. 

Whatever hit Steve seemed much more sky-like. It was blue and rather transparent. Not just one fell. Enough fell for Steve to collect a few and place them in a jar to refrigerate. He described them as gelatinous and as looking rather like rock-salt. Mr. Hornsby also said:

“It’s the most peculiar thing I have ever seen – there must be about 20 complete spheres. They don’t smell and they don’t float. I’ve been an aircraft engineer for many years andI’ve never seen anything like it.”

The account given in Huffpost indicated that the sky had a strange yellow color prior to the blue balls coming down. They were accompanied by hail. The incident occurred in Dorset, England.

If you think you know what these are, please comment!



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