Good News for the Unborn

By long forbearance a ruler is persuaded, and a gentle tongue breaks a bone. Proverbs 25:15

Sometimes when we are discouraged and think things will never change, God sends a rainbow and an answered prayer to encourage us. Those who pray for the unborn and fight for their rights received encouragement recently when Susan G. Komen for the Cure  announced it is halting further grants and donations to Planned Parenthood. reports:

Komen spokeswoman Leslie Aun said “the cutoff results from the charity’s newly adopted criteria barring grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state or federal authorities. According to Komen, this applies to Planned Parenthood because it’s the focus of an inquiry launched by Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., seeking to determine whether public money was improperly spent on abortions.”

Perhaps we should all take time to write a ‘thank you’ to Komen for the Cure and to Rep. Cliff Stearns, (R) FL. If you have been withholding financial support from the cancer group, you may want to begin supporting that group.


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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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